Home Delivery: Orders placed between 22.05.-18.06. will be delivered 02.07. and orders placed between 19.06.-23.07. will be delivered 06.08.

Sustainable urban farming in Tampere

Satohuone is a one-person urban farming company located in Ristinarkku, Tampere. I cultivate top-quality and highly nutritious gourmet mushrooms (oyster mushrooms) and microgreens by hand for restaurants, retailers, and consumers. Additionally, I sell mushroom cultivation supplies on my online store.

In year-round production, I place special emphasis on ecological sustainability and environmental values. You can read more about these on the Company page.

Fresh products can be ordered in Tampere directly to your doorstep monthly from these pages. Learn more or explore products from the button below!

I grow on order

and bring you fresh, healthy, and delicious local food every month.

Home delivery works as a subscription service, meaning products are automatically delivered to your desired address monthly. You can change or cancel your subscription anytime - even right after the first delivery. Since the products are grown to order, you always receive the freshest possible local superfoods. This minimizes food waste and ensures the best nutrient content.

Make your first order online and enjoy regular deliveries!

Home delivery is available only in Tampere, but neighboring municipalities are also catered for. Customers in Nokia, Ylöjärvi, and Kangasala can be served through Reko food circles.

Home delivery can also be ordered as a one-time purchase.

Reko Food Circles

If you're not familiar with Reko, it's worth exploring right away! Reko offers the opportunity to buy high-quality local food directly from producers, which is not only ethical but also fair to the producers.

The process operates within Facebook Reko groups, where local producers in your area post a list of available products, and interested individuals place their orders by commenting on the post. The actual transactions take place on set distribution days, which occur every two weeks at the same location and time. How convenient! Reko often features products that may not be available in regular stores.

You can regularly find Satohuone products in Tammelantori, Ahlman, Hervanta, Kangasala, Nokia, and Ylöjärvi Reko groups.

Follow this link for a list of all Reko groups in Pirkanmaa with their distribution locations and times (opens in a new window).

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