Home Delivery: Orders placed between 22.05.-18.06. will be delivered 02.07. and orders placed between 19.06.-23.07. will be delivered 06.08.

Contact Information

Satohuone / Antti Länsisalmi

Email: antti@satohuone.fi

Phone: 045 135 0206

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Visiting Address: Kässälänkatu 4, 33560 Tampere

Note! Not the detached house by the street but a warehouse space at the right end of a large hall building. See the picture.

Open by appointment only, there is no regular store.

Postal Address: Tornimäenkatu 9 B 26, 33560 Tampere

The best way to reach us is by email or using the form below.

Write Us!

Inquiries, questions, feedback, suggestions, and even hellos are welcome and will be replied to as soon as possible. We are here for each other.