Home Delivery: Orders placed between 22.05.-18.06. will be delivered 02.07. and orders placed between 19.06.-23.07. will be delivered 06.08.

Fresh Products - Delivered to Door

Home Delivery

The delicious and super healthy mushrooms and microgreens of the Satohuone are delivered straight to your doorstep. You can choose the delivery method as a subscription, where you'll receive fresh products automatically every first Tuesday of the month. Alternatively, you can opt for a one-time order. Order instructions are at the bottom of the page.

Oyster Mushroom

The cornerstone of Satohuone's products is the fresh oyster mushroom. You can enjoy them at Tampere's finest restaurants or have them delivered to your own home, or purchase them from our sales locations. See the sales locations below.

Note: Oyster mushrooms are known to develop white "fluff" on their surface. This is normal and completely harmless!

For restaurants and retailers

In Tampere and nearby municipalities, we offer affordable contract prices, high-quality local food products, and flexible, hassle-free service. Get in touch!

Contact Information

Parasta Pirkanmaalta

Satohuone's fresh products have been awarded the "Parasta Pirkanmaalta" origin mark.

The "Parasta Pirkanmaalta" origin mark indicates the origin of the product or raw material and that the product is manufactured in the Pirkanmaa region.
The mark is a guarantee of high-quality local food from Pirkanmaa and reflects the diverse food culture of our region.

Products marked with the origin mark are approved by an expert panel and meet strict criteria regarding the origin of ingredients and product manufacturing/processing.

Certainly something to be proud of!

Read more of the origin mark
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Nutrients - Check!

The nutritional content of oyster mushrooms is impressive, boasting not only vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and bioactive polysaccharides but also some particularly unique ingredients such as lovastatin, beta-glucans (up to three times more than in oats), and certainly beneficial ergothioneine, a compound not found in plant-based products. I highly recommend doing a quick Google search for more information on these!

Microgreens also pack an incredible amount of nutrients. Microgreens have been measured to contain up to 40 times the amount of nutrients compared to a fully grown vegetable. It says a lot that even NASA is exploring the cultivation of microgreens in space - they contain so much nutrients relative to their weight and size.

For more detailed information on the nutrients of these delicacies, you can find specific details in the product information.

Fresh Satohuone oyster mushrooms are available not only in our online store but also at the following locations:

  • Prisma Kaleva
  • Prisma Hämeenkatu
  • Prisma Koivistonkylä
  • Prisma Pirkkala
  • Prisma Lielahti
  • K-Citymarket Turtola
  • K-Citymarket Linnainmaa
  • K-Citymarket Pirkkala
  • K-Citymarket Lielahti
  • K-Supermarket Hämeenkatu
  • K-Supermarket Kuninkaankulma
  • K-Supermarket Tammelan Stadion
  • K-Supermarket Kaukajärvi
  • K-Market Lapinniemi

  • Reko Ahlman
  • Reko Tammelantori
  • Reko Hervanta
  • Reko Kangasala
  • Reko Nokia
  • Reko Ylöjärvi

Ordering instructions


Home delivery works as a subscription service, meaning that the products you purchase from our online store will be automatically delivered to your doorstep monthly. Orders placed at least 14 days before the next delivery date will be included in that delivery; orders placed later will be scheduled for the next delivery date, and the subscription will begin from there. You can check the next delivery dates and order deadlines from the green banner at the top of these pages.

If you wish to make a one-time order, select "Home Delivery - One-time Order" as the delivery option at the checkout. In this case, your order will be delivered only once on the next delivery date, and no subscription begins.

NOTE! When placing your order, please leave any necessary door codes or other delivery instructions in the additional information field (at the online store checkout). Also, let us know if it's okay to leave the products at your door if you're not home during the delivery time. However, please note that the quality of the products may deteriorate if left in warm conditions for an extended period. Products will not be left outside apartment building doors.


In the online store, you will pay for the first month's subscription upon ordering. For subsequent months, you will receive an invoice via email monthly. The invoice will be sent after each delivery. The payment period for the invoice is two weeks. If you haven't received the invoice, please first check your spam folder. If you still can't find the invoice, please contact us.

For one-time orders, you will pay for the entire order in the online store.

All orders of at least €20 will be delivered free of charge. For orders below 20€, there is a delivery fee of 7€.


Delivery dates are every first Tuesday of the month between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM. You can check the next distribution date from the banner at the top of the page. You will receive a reminder via text message the day before the distribution day, along with a more precise estimate of the delivery time.

Orders that cannot be delivered due to customer-related reasons (e.g., incomplete delivery instructions) will be kept for at least one day after the delivery day for separate pickup/delivery arrangements. Pickup locations may include Satohuone, some Reko's, or another agreed-upon location. You will receive a text message regarding the delivery attempt and the arrangement for pickup.

Changing, Pausing, and Cancelling Orders

You can modify your order or put it on hold at any time. Just send us your name and delivery address and clearly state the changes you would like for future orders or specify the duration of the pause. Changes will take effect two weeks from the date of notification, and billing will be updated automatically.

You can also modify your order by placing a new order in the online store using the same customer information. In this case, the new order will replace the previous one, and no invoice will be sent for the next delivery.

You can cancel your order at any time via email, phone, or contact form, even immediately after the first delivery. The notice period for cancellation is two weeks.