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Perforated grow bags 5pcs

Perforated grow bags 5pcs

5,00 €
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5pcs of perforated tall column grow bags made of LDPE. Best suitable for pasteurized substrates. Via post only.
Delivery 2-5 business days

These food-safe polyethylene (LDPE) grow bags are microperforated and best suitable for low-nutritious and at most pasteurized substrates like straw or straw pellets, and for fast growing species like oyster mushroom. The bags are punctured with small holes all over, which ensures good air/gas exchange resulting in faster colonization time.

Note! These bags are not resistant to high heat and they will melt at 90 °C. The bags are designed so that excess water will leak out from the bottom.

Dimensions of the bags: 980 x 200 mm, gusset 100 mm. One bag can hold about 10-14kg of ready substrate.

Sold in 5pcs units.