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Substrate bag for outdoor grows (sporeless oyster mushroom)
Substrate bag for outdoor grows (sporeless oyster mushroom)
Substrate bag for outdoor grows (sporeless oyster mushroom)
Substrate bag for outdoor grows (sporeless oyster mushroom)
Substrate bag for outdoor grows (sporeless oyster mushroom)
Substrate bag for outdoor grows (sporeless oyster mushroom)
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Substrate bag for outdoor grows (sporeless oyster mushroom)

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Pickup only. Spent substrate bags for creating a high yielding mushroom bed. Set it up in the yard, garden or balcony, and harvest until late autumn!
Ouf ot stock

Note! The winter stock has been sold out, a new batch of bags will be available every week as they finish their cycle in the production. The stock is updated every week. I will inform on Satohuone's Facebook page every time I add bags to the webstore. If you want to get a notice of the arrival, comment on the post and I will tag you the next time I inform about the new stock.

To prevent traffic jams in the yard, this year the standard pickup time has been discontinued, and the bags are collected on a self-service basis according to your own schedule. Please inform us when placing your order of when you will pick up the bags so they can be placed in the yard in the morning of the pickup day. Detailed instructions below.

These substrate bags have already produced their first harvest at Satohuone but still contain plenty of nutrients for the next ones. Contribute to circular economy and create your own mushroom bed in the garden, vegetable patch, or on the balcony. No other ingredients are needed; it's a straightforward process, and the yield can be quite abundant! Instructions are provided below.

The mushroom bed stays where you put it, and the mushrooms won't spread around in your garden. The substrate also functions as excellent mulch, so you can create the mushroom bed among your flower beds or under berry bushes. It prevents weeds from growing around the plants, and produces mushrooms at the same time. Once the mushroom bed has decomposed, it serves as a good substrate for plants.

You can create the mushroom bed as soon as the snow has melted, there's no need to wait for the soil to thaw or the frost to disappear. By making the bed early in the spring, the mycelium has time to strengthen during the cold weather, and you'll get the first harvests before the summer heat sets in. This way, you'll have higher quality and insect-free mushrooms. You can add substrate several times during the summer and get multiple harvests until the nighttime temperatures drop below 5 degrees Celsius. Even last year's mushroom bed will come back to life when you add some substrate again in the spring.

The suitable amount of substrate for one square meter or a standard pallet collar is approximately 90 kg, which is about 8 bags. For a small pallet collar, you'd need 4 bags. You can make a larger or smaller bed according to your preference, but after compaction, it should be at least 10cm thick. From a one-square-meter mushroom bed, you can harvest kilograms of mushrooms!

How to order and pick up

Order the bags from the online store and pick them up from Satohuone when it suits you (weekends are ok as well - just order before Friday 12.00). If you need to collect the bags the same day you're ordering, please call and ensure the availability. Write the pickup date in the additional information field at checkout, and the bags will be prepared outside for you to pick up independently any time starting from 9 AM. If you are unable to pick up on the specified date, please send a message to arrange a new pickup time (unclaimed bags will not be left in the yard). If we a problem with the pickup date, we will contact you. Otherwise the bags will be waiting for you on the specified day without further notice. The pickup location is at the corner of the hall, next to the door of Satohuone.

The bags may be moist, and there may be holes from which substrate can spill out. Therefore, bring garbage bags with you or protect your car, for example, with a tarp if desired. One bag is approximately 80cm long and 20cm in diameter, weighing around 10 kg.

Driving instructions:

Drive into the inner yard of Kässälänkatu 4 (not the house on the street!) and follow the signs for Satohuone towards the right side of the hall building in front, around the corner.

Instructions for making a mushroom bed:

1. Choose a shaded and moist location for the mushroom bed. Areas in the shade of other garden plants, in depressions, or behind the garden shed may be suitable. It does not thrive in direct sunlight. The more diverse the environment, the fewer flies the mushroom bed will attract. The mushroom bed is made directly on the lawn, soil, or plants, so there is no need to dig a hole. If you are making a mushroom bed on the balcony, a wooden planter box is a good choice. Choose a box with proper drainage for excess water.


2. Open the mushroom substrate bags and crumble the contents into small pieces or a mass. Place the substrate in the chosen location and compact it well, for example, by walking on it. A compact mycelium produces more mushrooms. You do not need a planter box, but if you want, you can border the bed with stones, logs, or a planter edge. This makes compacting easier, and the result is neater.


3. Water the tamped and compacted substrate thoroughly with plenty of water. If the growing site is shady and moist, usually no more water is needed throughout the growing season (except in the midsummer heat). If you have to make a mushroom bed in a dry and hot place, and the summer is dry and hot, you may need to water the mushroom bed occasionally. Perforated plastic can help maintain moisture in such a location. Otherwise, the bed does not need to be covered. A bed made on the balcony (in a box) needs regular watering.

4. Ready! Nature takes care of the rest, and you can start harvesting mushrooms in a few weeks. Harvest the mushrooms early to beat the insects. Remove any remains or spoiled mushrooms to prevent attracting flies. When most of the harvest appears to be ready, you can add substrate for the next harvest using the same instructions. You can grow mushrooms until late autumn until the nighttime temperatures drop below 5 degrees.

5. Post a picture of your mushroom bed on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #sienipenkki #satohuone :) You can send the picture, for example, via email if you want your creation to be featured in the social media of Satohuone.

Feel free to ask if there's anything on your mind; I'm happy to help!

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