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Spent substrate bag (Lion's mane)
Spent substrate bag (Lion's mane)

Spent substrate bag (Lion's mane)

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Spent substrate bag of Lion's mane mushroom. After initial harvests at Satohuone, there are still nutrients left for further grows. Pickup only.
Availability 5 pcs
Delivery 2-5 business days

A new batch of bags will be available every week as they finish their cycle in the production. The stock is updated every week. I will inform on Satohuone's Facebook page every time I add bags to the webstore. If you want to get a notice of the arrival, comment on the post and I will tag you the next time I inform about the new stock.

How to order and pick up

Order the bags from the online store and pick them up from Satohuone when it suits you (weekends are ok as well - just order before Friday 12.00). If you need to collect the bags the same day you're ordering, please call and ensure the availability. Write the pickup date in the additional information field at checkout, and the bags will be prepared outside for you to pick up independently any time starting from 9 AM. If you are unable to pick up on the specified date, please send a message to arrange a new pickup time (unclaimed bags will not be left in the yard). If we a problem with the pickup date, we will contact you. Otherwise the bags will be waiting for you on the specified day without further notice. The pickup location is at the corner of the hall, next to the door of Satohuone.

The bags may be moist, and there may be holes from which substrate can spill out. Therefore, bring garbage bags with you or protect your car, for example, with a tarp if desired. One bag is approximately 40cm long and 10cm in diameter, weighing around 1,8 kg.

Driving instructions:

Drive into the inner yard of Kässälänkatu 4 (not the house on the street!) and follow the signs for Satohuone towards the right side of the hall building in front, around the corner.

How to use?

You can grow more mushrooms from the spent lion's mane substrate. The easiest way is to make a mushroom bed outside. You can make it with the same instructions used for oyster mushroom (https://www.satohuone.fi/en/product/spent-mushroom-substrate). Lion's mane might need extra nutrients to produce decent mushrooms though. Hardwood is the best material for lion's mane, for example pellets or chips. Softwoods or straw pellets are not recommended. The material is moistened and mixed with the crumbled lion's mane substrate, after which it's compacted tightly and watered. In a few weeks the mycelium will colonize the new material and after that it is ready to produce mushrooms.

You can also try and grow straight from the subsrate log, indoors or outdoors. Just keep the log moist until the mushrooms have grown. No extra holes should be made, just let the mushrooms grow from the existing holes.

The substrate includes finnish birch and wheat, and it can be composted, used as mulch or disposed as biowaste.

Happy growing!

Model number: KSS-002