Home Delivery: Orders placed between 24.04.-21.05. will be delivered 04.06. and orders placed between 22.05.-18.06. will be delivered 02.07.

Shipping policy

Delivery and Delivery Costs

We offer several different delivery methods in our online store. Delivery methods and prices may vary depending on the weight, quantity, and dimensions of the products. Not all delivery methods may be available for all products.

You can see the current information about delivery costs and available delivery methods at the checkout of the online store. The delivery costs for the chosen delivery method will always be added to the total amount of the shopping cart. We will deliver the order using the chosen delivery method.

External transportation companies (such as Posti and Matkahuolto, among others) are used when the customer selects such a delivery method. The seller's responsibility for delivering the products ends when the shipment is handed over to the transportation company. From that point forward, the delivery responsibility lies with the transportation company, according to its own terms and conditions.

Special Terms - Home Delivery as a Subscription

The "Home Delivery - Monthly Subscription" delivery method includes delivery by the seller to the address provided by the customer once a month on the first Tuesday of each month between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM, as long as the subscription is active.I

If delivery cannot be made due to reasons attributable to the customer (e.g., incomplete delivery instructions), the seller reserves the right not to deliver the products related to that delivery to the customer. However, in such cases, the seller primarily stores the products ordered for that delivery occasion properly in its premises and seeks to arrange pick-up or delivery with the customer separately. If delivery cannot be made repeatedly due to reasons attributable to the customer, Satohuone reserves the right to terminate the subscription immediately.

In the delivery instructions for home delivery service, the customer is requested to provide necessary delivery instructions and consent for leaving the products outside the apartment door if personal delivery is not possible, for example, due to the customer's absence. If consent is not given, the products will not be left outside the door. Products will not be left at the main doors of apartment buildings or similar places, but only at apartment doors or at an agreed suitable location if consent is given. The seller is not responsible for the condition, quality, delivery to the customer, or any consequences arising from the delivery or leaving of the products once the products have been left outside the door or at an agreed suitable location with the customer's consent. The customer will be notified as soon as the products are left outside the door, but the seller is not obligated to do so.

The delivery costs included in the order are displayed on the checkout page of the store alongside the selected delivery method and order summary. The chosen delivery method and the contents of the order affect the delivery costs. The same delivery costs and their adjustments based on the order contents apply to separately modified and invoiced orders as for orders placed in the online store.

If orders cannot be delivered due to reasons attributable to Satohuone (e.g., products running out of stock), the customer is entitled to a refund for the products paid for but not delivered. Special arrangements, such as substitute products or alternative delivery times, may be agreed upon with the customer if the customer agrees to them.

Modifying and pausing Subscription Orders

Customers can modify the contents of their subscription order ("Home Delivery - Monthly Subscription") or suspend it at any time by submitting a request for changes. Change requests must be made in writing via text message, email, or through the contact form on the Satohuone website (www.satohuone.fi). The change request can be informal, but the customer must provide their name, delivery address, and if necessary, their order number, to ensure that the changes are directed to the correct order. The customer must also clearly indicate how they wish to modify their order or the duration of the pause (an indefinite, ongoing pause is also permitted). The order can also be modified by placing a new order in the online store using the same customer details. In this case, the old order will be automatically replaced by the new one, and no invoice will be sent for the next delivery as it will already be paid for in the online store. The same prices, delivery costs, delivery cost conditions, and shipping policy as those in the online store apply to modified orders. Change requests can be made at any time, but changes made at least 14 days before the next delivery date will be applied to the next delivery date. The implementation delay for change requests is therefore 14 days. Invoices will be automatically updated according to the product changes requested by the customer. No deliveries or charges will occur during the pause period.

Special Terms - Pickup Products

By placing an order in the online store, the customer accepts our terms and conditions, this shipping policy, the prices of the products, and the delivery costs.

Products ordered for pickup from the online store must be collected in accordance with these terms of use and the instructions provided on the product page for the respective pickup product. The products must be collected within the time frame specified in the instructions on the product page (for example, from the Satohuone premises). The seller is responsible for arranging the products for pickup at the pickup location so that they are available for collection at the agreed time. If this cannot be achieved by the seller, alternative pickup times or refunds for the products will be arranged with the customer.

If the customer does not collect the products within the agreed time frame, the seller will first attempt to arrange another pickup time with the customer. Products left for pickup in the designated pickup area will not be stored beyond the agreed pickup time. If a second pickup time cannot be arranged or if the customer does not respond within a reasonable time frame, the products will be returned to sale, and no refund will be issued. It is the customer's responsibility to collect the correct products and quantities when picking up from the Satohuone premises. The seller will endeavor to clearly mark the products available for pickup, for example, with name tags.

Delivery Time

The delivery times for products may be indicated in the product information. We always strive to deliver all orders as quickly as possible, but the delivery time may vary depending on the product or delivery method.

For the "Home Delivery - Monthly Subscription" delivery method, the delivery time is every first Tuesday of the month between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM (also known as the "delivery day" in the online store), and similarly, for the "Home Delivery - One-time Order" delivery method, the delivery time is the next delivery day after 14 days from placing the order. The specified delivery time is approximate, and the seller reserves the right to deviate from the mentioned time frame. Customers will receive a reminder via text message the day before the delivery, including a more specific estimate of the delivery time. This estimate is not contractually binding but serves only as an approximation. Customers will be notified by phone or email if the delivery time significantly deviates from the specified time frame. Any known deviations from standard delivery times regarding delivery days or delivery times will be announced separately on the online store's pages. Special delivery times or arrangements may be agreed upon with the customer if both parties agree to it.